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5 Writing Tips for the Realities of Remote Learning

Published on Writer's Life - April 27, 2020

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COVID19 is running its course, and while we are attempting to "flatten the curve," our day to day lives are changing dramatically. For those of us who can, we are staying home. We are ordering our groceries online and having them delivered to our doorsteps. We are looking to YouTube for a workout, and Google for a Hangout. Our offices have become kitchen tables and futons. Let's be honest, sometimes we are resorting to hunkering-down with a laptop and a headset in the passenger seat of our car, when crying kids, a barking dog, and the faint echos of Joe Exotic are all vying for space within the walls of our home.

This doesn't mean that your little darling needs to make glitter slime or cut holes in your drapes for a DIY they saw online, while you trail them with a dustpan and tears in your eyes.

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