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Doing What's Right, Right Now

Published by Writer's Blo[G]ck - June 6, 2020

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So many of us feel like we have suddenly slipped into some sort of time warp that has sent us back to a different era filled with racial turmoil and divide. In the last few weeks alone we have seen video footage of racially charged threats, neo-nazis burning down shops and breaking windows, and the brutal murder of an unarmed black man who pleaded for his life and called out to his mother in his last breaths on this earth. While it is more comfortable to believe that racism and prejudice are ugly blemishes on the face of our nation’s history, we must understand that we have not been magically transported to another time. It is 2020, and racism very much exists today. For many years, people have been crying out, protesting, and campaigning for change, arguing this very point.  

Write your senators or congressmen and tell them how you feel. Ask for change. Ask for justice. Ask them to do what’s right, right now.

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