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Eco-Friendly Fashion & Green Brooklyn

Published by Hill Report - August, 14, 2020

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America has a skeleton lurking in her closet— or rather, a skeleton leaving the closet. It is estimated that each person in the US throws away an average of 70 lbs of unwanted clothing annually. Keeping in mind that a shirt or a pair of jeans is worn only seven times before ending up in a landfill, this is a problematic amount of unnecessary consumer waste. The solution: more thoughtful consumerism, upcycling, and recycling old clothes. Yes, you can recycle clothes. According to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association, SMART, up to 95% of all used clothing is recyclable.  

The durability and ingenuity of the brand speaks directly to its consumers, and changes the way the world looks at streetwear.

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